Straight Drop Awnings Info


Straight drop awning are Designed to be install close to your window or around the perimeters of a patio these awnings are a stylish and modern alternative to traditionundefinedal Straight Drop Awnings.

They can be mounted with a head box to protect the fabric

There are three main ways to use a Straight drop awning

Clip on

When you wind the fabric down you have stainless steel clips on the bottom rail which clip-on  to a mounting points

Guide wire

There are a set of stainless steel wires on each side of the awning which guide the fabric down this saves you from having to lock the bottom rail in place

Channel guide

Channel guide work the same way as the wire guide system but as well as the bottom rail been held the edge of the fabric is lock in as well

Having the guides on the sides have a added benefit that it can be adjusted to different heights to serve the purpose you need

How you can control your awning


Remote Control

Gear Box and Crank

Sun/Wind Sensor

All these awning Can be control by a rope a pulley , a gear box crank handle or they can be motorised with remote control and wind / sun sensors